Monday, May 27, 2013

Globe has the worst customer service!

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This is gonna be a rather long rant but I think a lot of people will be able to relate...

The night before I was to leave for Hong Kong, I made the stupid decision to update my iPhone 4S to the latest iOS. This bombed big time. My phone's wifi broke down! I couldn't turn it on or off!!! Imagine my panic at that time. I tried to restore it to factory settings but nothing happened, plus, because of this stupid number 2 idea, I lost all my phone's content: contacts, messages, photos, etc. That was April 5. (TIP: NEVER EVER update your phone before traveling haha!)

April 12 (Fri): I brought my phone to Globe, Eastwood Mall (Globe) so they could check it out and repair/replace it. BUT, since my phone no longer had warranty, I told them to call me first for the total amount before doing anything. The store personnel (SP) told me that they'll get back to me within 3-5 weeks.

May 7 (Tue - 4th week): Someone from the store called and informed me that they will just replace my phone for P10,700. Whaaat?!?! Quite expensive right?! So I told her I'll check my options first.

May 9 (Thu): I went to Globe and told them I will just get my phone back and try to have it fixed elsewhere, ie. Greenhills. Unfortunately, the SP said that since I didn't inform them of my plan, my phone was still at their warehouse. Fair enough. She told me I'll receive a call for pick up within 3-5 days.

May 17 (Fri): This was the 5th day from my last visit (excluding May 13 which was a Philippine holiday). NO FEEDBACK. What the hell?!

May 18 (Sat): I called their hotline to inform them of my dilemma. The account specialist (AS) told me that unfortunately, the latest update regarding my phone was still April 12. WHAT?!?!?! That was when I really lost my head. I mean, I've had a couple of interactions with them already and that was the latest update?! How could that be?! AS said he will just make an escalation report, which I didn't find satisfactory. I wanted him to call the branch to ask for an update. (side note: Sorry if I keep changing genders, I talked to different AS's and SP's.). And you know what he told me?!?!?!
A (me): What's the number there? Call them or, if you want, I can be the one to call them. Just give the number.
AS: Unfortunately, we only have their store hours and fax number.
A: I also saw those from the internet. I don't need them. I want their landline. How do you communicate with them?
AS: We only communicate with them through email.
Anyway, eventually, I just asked to be transferred to his supervisor 'coz he obviously knew nothing. The supervisor told me she'll have an update within 24 hours.

May 19 (Sun): This was the supposed 24th hour. NO FEEDBACK.

May 20 (Mon): I called again and asked for an update. AS said that the latest update was still April 12. I blew my top again. I mean honestly, WHY?! I didn't even had my phone repaired or replaced, I was just asking for it back! Wala namang bagyo o lindol, bakit hindi pa nadedeliver?!?!?! He even told me that the AS I talked to made a mistake re 24hrs commitment. That only covered business days. Since the conversation was AGAIN useless, I just went to the store only to be told that my phone wasn't there yet. SP told me that she will personally see to it that I get my phone within the week and to expect a call by Friday that week.

May 21 (Tue): Fine, 24hrs only covered business days right?! Where the hell was my update?!

May 23 (Thu): I know, I know. It wasn't Friday yet but I was getting impatient. I called again and still there was no update. AS offered to make a follow up on the escalation report through another report. Again, I lost my patience. I mean honestly, how stupid of a suggestion was that?! Why make another report to follow up a report that was so obviously ignored?!?! Reports DO NOT work!!! I wanted answers! Again, I talked to a supervisor and he told me he'll call me within the day or tomorrow.

May 24 (Fri): Superverisor called me to inform me that he had nothing because the store was ignoring his calls and emails. WOW. WOW. WHAT A SUPERB CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! WHAT A GREAT AND EFFICIENT PROCESS!!! WHO THE HELL IS GLOBE'S OVERLY STUPID OPERATIONS HEAD?!?!?! So I went to the store again to rant and shout to my satisfaction. Finally, they became transparent and said there was a mistake on their checker's part (as if I cared and understood) and that he already scheduled a delivery guy to go to the warehouse on Monday (today) so I could pick my phone up on Tuesday (tomorrow).

Wow. 2 plus weeks to get my phone back. When you read my timeline above, you will know at the onset that there is something seriously wrong with their processes. I mean, why even have a hotline when they obviously can't do anything but create escalation reports? They can't even call the store?! And what will happen if the store conveniently ignores the reports made by the specialists?! Wala na, tapos na?!

UGH! I HATE GLOBE! I will transfer to Smart as soon as my contract ends next January. Sayang, because technically, I've been a Globe user since elementary. Bulok lang talaga ng signal and customer service.

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