Monday, December 9, 2013

Dog personalities

My friends know that I'm a dog lover. You can probably tell as well from my posts here and here. With all the dogs I've encountered, I noticed that they also have different personalities. Some are happy and energetic, while some are melancholic and apathetic

But are these personalities really natural (from birth)? Or is it possible that these are learned personalities? Both my dogs are very playful and energetic. They get so excited that their whole body shakes, not just their tail. They jump up and down, run excitedly around the house, lick my hand, then repeat the whole excited/exercise thing again. They have an unending supply of energy and I think they can play 24 hours straight if given a choice and playmate. Playing with them has even become my regular exercise. Then there's my mom's very quiet dog. She sits in the sofa corner and keeps to herself the whole day, just sleeping and staring at our other dogs playing. She comes to you, not to play, but to cuddle and ask for massages.

Seeing all three of them in our living room got me thinking... Is it a mere coincidence that both my dogs have the same personality? Or is there a correlation between their personality and mine? Whenever I come home, I always greet them in my excited voice (if you're a shopping addict, it's the same OMG voice you use when you find out that your favorite bag is on sale). My mom, on the other hand, just calls out her dog's name the same way she calls us for dinner. My mom's not the playful type either, unlike me who plays hide and seek and runs after my pets like crazy.

What do you think? Any thoughts on dog behavior and personalities?

Here I am with one of my dogs, Hershey.

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